Objective: To increase the number of photography students for the Delhi Photography Club. 

Problem: Lack of reach on social media content. 

Problem Solution

A 3 step process for creating a successful PPC Advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Google:

1. Tracking

We started by installing a conversion tracking mechanism on their website. From there, we measured visitors and conversions that were happening on their website and through their social media. This helped us figure out where we stand to begin with. We discovered that while they had an established website and social media accounts, their content was not reaching their target audience and because of that, any clicks or ads did not lead to conversions.

2. Testing

Once we were tracking conversions, we started testing everything. We needed to test different targeting methods to see what works best for the brand. We did test runs on Facebook Ads, Google Ads Keywords, Instagram Ads and SEO. In addition, we tested landing pages, targeting, keywords, PPC Advertising channels, and every possible thing you can test to see what was working.

3. Optimizing

After thorough analysis, we began to optimize. We started focusing on the ads, targeting, and landing pages that performed the best during testing and optimized content that did not do well in the right direction. Optimization is key to PPC Advertising, especially if you want to have a positive return on ad spend.


The website gets more traffic than ever before. Targeted Social Media campaigns have started trending that gets thousands of relevant visitors per campaign and conversion rates are at an all time high too.