How we created Aster Public School’s brand & digital presence from scratch which converted into customers or in this case, students!

Goal: Getting more students to enroll in school. 

Problem: Having no real digital presence or a clear brand image

Proposed Solution

1. Creating a brand image

One of the biggest drawbacks for this client was that there was no clear brand image but we used that to our advantage as it was also a clean slate for us to have the flexibility to create the best possible brand personality. 

We worked with the client to help them figure out the who, what, how, and most importantly, the why of their brand.

We also designed their visual identity. That includes their slogan, logo, website, vision statement, etc. 

2. Creating content

We created content for their website,brochures, guidelines and emailers. It was a vigorous process of defining the voice of the brand and ensuring that it is unnderstood and adopted by the administration in a consistent and unified way. 

3. Creating a website & building social media as well as forum presence from scratch

With virtually no online presence, we designed every aspect of their digital marketing strategy from scratch including their website, Facebook page,& also many reviews on Reddit, quora & other student platforms. 

4. SEO

One of the most effective ways to get potential customers was through SEO because it made their website rank on the first page with relevant keywords like “best schools in Noida”, “cbse toppers noida”, etc. Without spending a penny on Google Ads, we have been able to maintain the ranking position on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. using SEO alone. 

5. Channeling word-of-mouth marketing

When it comes to services like education, customers don’t want to roll the dice and just see what happens. They do their research and try to get the best quality education that they can for their children. We documented the legacy of the school and made sure that it is presented appropriately.

6. Results

Aster Public School is now one of the most commonly known names in Noida. They have a social media presence and also the relevant following and are always on the radar for potential customers. On top of that, their website gets them enrollments and traffic of over 200 visitors per week.